Serendipity's Two Wheeler Enduro trails encompass a wide variety of terrains and cater for all levels of riders.

There is an approx 110 km of marked enduro trail, ranging from the tame to the more extreme.

GREEN trail ( Novice riders) approx 30 km ... open trail, some stones, but nothing too technical. Ideal for beginners, ladies, experienced juniors on big wheelers and weekend wobblers...

BLUE trail ( Intermediate riders) approx 35 km ... some open trail with moderately technical rocky koppies and stream beds. For the slightly more adventurous....

RED trail ( Expert riders) approx 40 km long .... challenging higher mountain riding, steep rocky climbs and descents, some stream beds and lots of rocks!....excellent EWXC style riding and race training.....

All three trials have marked shortcuts, should a rider choose to 'escape' or if streams are flooded.

We take pride in our Enduro Trail to the extent that we invite every rider to make suggestions on improving and extending the trail as the options are endless.

Weekend Visitors

Variety 100 CC Plus - R 250 per Two Wheeler p/w

Less than 100 CC - R 150 per Two Wheeler p/w

Day Visitors

100 CC Plus - R 250 per Two Wheeler per day

Less than 100 CC - R 150 per Two Wheeler per day

DS Bikes
  • R 150 per DS Bike per weekend


Need To Know

- No unnecessary revving in camps.

- Make sure to take enough fluids.


- Recovery is R 350.00 per hour, no recovery after 6 pm.

Professionally marked by Igor Baleta